Update: Freedom 251 Bookings on www.freedom251.com (How to pay for Freedom 251 phone)

Details about how to pay for Freedom 251 at freedom 251.com / www.freedom251.com booking:

The people of India went crazy when the Ringing Bell declared that they are going to give a phone in Just Rs 251 which is not just a phone but a smartphone having all the full features which a phone of 5K INR would possess normally. From 18th Feb 2016, 6:00 AM, the online booking of the phone at www.freedom251.com booking has begun.

www.freedom251.com Bookings

Update: 8 PM 20th Feb 2016:
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From www.freedom251.com, you can buy freedom 251.com’s freedom 251 mobile phone in just 251 in Rs, the website freedom251.com is currently down, the tips, guide, tricks to buy the phone or script to buy the freedom 251 rs phone doesn’t work as the website has went down.

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Users are not able to proceed beyond pay now page. The entering address page keeps loading and loading and pay now is just there and there.

Scroll down for more such tweets.

Pay for Freedom 251 Rs Mobile Phone

If you registered your email id and registered for receiving phone, then the first 25 lac users are currently getting email to pay for Rs 251.

So, if you are in this first 25 lakhs people then you should receive an email soon from them.

Then after receiving the email you can pay online through net banking or credt or debit card of any bank that is of India.

So, keep an eye on your email box to see whether you have got an email for making payment at freedom 251.com or not.

Old updates:

The Phone which is being talked by millions of Indian is actually provided by the Co. Ringing Bells which is just a new name in Mobile Making Companies.

As per the company website, they are giving this freedom251 phone in just Rs 251 to support the campaign of Make In India by the PM Modi of India but the project is not subsidized by Indian Government in any way.

The company has no connection with any Government activities and the decision to give the phone in just Rs 251 is solely of the companies and all the losses will be bear by the company it self. The page at www.freedom251.com booking not be proceeded beyond address page any how.

It’s certainly impossible to make a penny worth profit from a phone of Rs 251 which has Android 5.1, Quadcore processor, 4.0-inch display etc etc. So, the company is just going to distribute this phone in loss and they might have plans to get some benefits from Government at latter days.

But whatever we say, the website freedom251.com, is already down, when it will come up no one knows, the tricks to buy freedom251.com is not working as the website is down itself.

What’s going on twitter regarding downtime of www.freedom251.com:
The users who had set an alarm for 5:50 AM and at 6:00 am the site went down posted this image.

There are lot’s of photos that look like this image on Twitter. People are getting crazy over www.freedom251.com booking on twitter.

www.freedom251.com booking

The main website to buy the phone in freedom251.com which is right now down, the sale has begun from 6:00 AM on 18th Feb 2016 on the official website www.freedom251.com but the website is down as said earlier too. The site has problems at www.freedom251.com booking.

You may check the official website from here. www.freedom251.com booking no open and people are not able to proceed beyond that page any how.

How to book the Freedom 251 Phone

On Computer: Bookings Stopped.
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Go to the website freedom251.com

  1. Click Buy Now
  2. Enter Address.
  3. Click Pay Now
  4. Done

Stay tuned with us for the further information of www.freedom251.com booking., freedome251.com, tricks and tips to buy freedom 251 rs mobile phone online for price which is worth to free almost. freedome251.com bookings.


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Users are not able to pay for the freedom 251.com, due to system of sending emails not working properly, if you had issues with payment in wwwfreedom251com then you can leave a comment below, we will try to reach the freedom251com team with our personal touches with them and then we might help you to proceed for the further updates for freedom251.com phone.

Stay tuned with us for the updates for freedom251.com payment and freedom251.com new bookings too.


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